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Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and awards are determined by a vote of the Music Department faculty. The faculty meets in November and April to decide the recipients for the following semester. Decisions are based on musical and academic achievement as well as financial need.


The ASCAP-Chappell/City College Gershwin Award
For composing, arranging, or presenting music for the theatre.

The Jerome Ash Scholarship
To a deserving Sonic Arts student.

The Lisl Barnett Scholarship
To a talented pianist.

The BMI Foundation/Evelyn Buckstein Scholarship
To an outstanding student based on talent and need.

The Mark Brunswick Awards
To undergraduate and graduate students, for excellence in music composition.
Each spring the winners are chosen by contests in four categories.

The Israel Edward Drabkin Scholarship
To a promising sophomore or junior music major.

The Ervin Drake Awards
To the outstanding songwriters in Theory II

The Friar Foundation Award
To an entering student on the basis of the audition for the B.F.A. program.

The William Dabney Gettel Scholarship
To a promising graduate student of music theory or history.

The Ivan Gillis Memorial Scholarship
For the private study of an instrument or voice.

The Max E. Greenberg Scholarship
For the private study of an instrument or voice.

The Hilda Holober Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding jazz performer or arranger

The Rebecca Horvath Scholarship
To students based on need and achievement

The Ben Jablonsky Scholarship
To a sophomore or junior who demonstrates promise in the composition or arranging of popular music or jazz.

The Fritz Jahoda Scholarship
To a talented pianist.

The Rosalind Joel Scholarship
To a talented entering student.

The Seymour Peck Scholarship
To help a student complete a significant creative project.

The Presser Foundation Scholarship
To an outstanding music major about to enter the senior year (GPA 3.5).

The Pro Musica Awards
To graduating music majors, for distinguished service to the cause of music at the College.

The Beverly and Donald Reeves Award
To an outstanding BFA jazz performer

The Edward Rensin Memorial Award
To a graduating senior for service to the department.

The Robinson/Grace Scholarship
To a junior or senior with strong potential for teaching

The Russano/Hanning Scholarship
To an outstanding student of music history

The Stanley Sachs Scholarship
To an outstanding entering freshman

The Billie Stoller Scholarship
To an outstanding scholar and musician

The Sidney Zolot Award
To a graduating senior music major who has demonstrated excellence as a performer, composer, or scholar.