In 1993 the Music Department relocated to totally renovated quarters in historic Shepard Hall. Our facilities include the following specialized locations:

Concert Hall

An intimate, natural acoustic concert hall (Shepard 95) is the site of performances by soloists and small ensembles. Seating one hundred and fourteen, it features audio recording and playback capabilities, and film and video projection systems. Its warm ambiance makes it the ideal location for important lectures and symposia throughout the academic year.

Practice Rooms

Individual and group practice rooms, located in the tower, are available to students registered in music major courses. Apply at the beginning of each semester in the Music Office (Shepard 72).

The Music Library

The beautifully appointed Music Library (Shepard 160) has a collection of over 18,000 recordings, 18,400 scores, and 13,300 books about music, as well as 60 current periodicals subscriptions. All areas of music, including European and American art music, non-Western music, folk, jazz, and popular music, are represented. In addition to Internet workstations and playback facilities for recordings and videos, students have access to 10 Mac stations, located on the lower level, for computer-aided instruction.

The Sonic Arts Center

At the south end of the first floor of Shepard Hall is a state-of-the-art facility consisting of four Production Studios, a Sound Lab, a Control Room/Classroom, and an Isolation Room. The Sonic Arts Center is the site for courses and student projects in sound design and synthesis, digital audio, audio for film and video, music production, and acoustic recording techniques.

The Piano Lab

The Piano Lab, Shepard 191, is available for practice during the hours between 9AM and 5PM when it is not being used by piano instruction and musicianship classes.

Aaron Davis Hall

Located on the South Campus is the well-known Aaron Davis Hall of the Davis Center for the Performing Arts. Its stunning architecture houses an innovative three-theatre performing arts complex that presents public performances and exhibitions by students as well as professional artists, and serves as the cultural hub of upper Manhattan.

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