BM for Vocalists

The BM in Jazz Studies (Vocal) degree at City College provides a comprehensive curriculum for developing the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to enjoy a successful career in the music business. Students who major in this program will complete 64 credits of music classes to earn a Bachelor of Music degree.

By receiving rigorous training in musicianship and the basics of the jazz language, the vocalists can advance from this musical base to discover their personal voice.

There are 7 key components to the program’s curriculum requirements:

Private Vocal Instruction

Choose to study privately with an experienced, successful professional in the New York City jazz community from our Auxiliary Faculty.

Jazz Harmony/Musicianship & Improvisation for Jazz Vocalists

Study jazz harmony while developing the aural and technical skills necessary to become fluent improvisers.

Jazz Repertory and Performance Practices

Learn tunes in a variety of styles and genres while mastering the basics of lead-sheet preparation, transposition, interpretation, phrasing, leading and interacting with the band, and arranging.

Applied Jazz Piano

Hone your piano skills in this two-semester sequence.

Ensemble Singing

Develop ensemble-singing skills in both the jazz and commercial styles, including studio singing.

Jazz Vocal Workshop

Express your unique ideas through the writing of arrangements, lyrics, tunes and songs.

Jazz History

Experience the complete history of jazz from its infancy to the present with an emphasis on historical styles, innovative artists and the impact of jazz and its key artists on our society and culture.

Jazz Elective Courses

In addition to the core sequence classes listed above, we offer an extensive selection of diverse electives that will enhance your educational experience.

Blues Vocal Workshop
Pop Vocal Workshop
The Musician Entrepreneur
Jazz Composition
Jazz Arranging for Small Ensembles
Jazz Arranging for Large Ensembles
African Drumming
Music Notation and Software
Music Production: MIDI and Audio
Brazilian Rhythms Workshop
Musicianship Skills for Jazz Musicians
Jazz Drumming and Rhythm Techniques

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