BM in Jazz Studies

The BM in Jazz Studies (Instrumental) degree at CCNY provides a comprehensive curriculum for developing the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to enjoy a successful career in the music business. Students who major in this program will complete 64 credits of music classes to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

There are 6 key components to the program’s curriculum requirements.

Private Instrumental Instruction

Choose to study privately with an experienced, successful professional in the New York City jazz community from our Auxiliary Faculty.

Ensemble Performance

Play in two large ensembles – Large Jazz Ensemble and Latin Jazz Ensemble – and five small ensembles, including Small Jazz Ensemble, Brazilian Jazz Ensemble, Jazz and World Music Ensemble, Jazz Repertory Ensemble and Jazz Improvisation Ensemble. For a more detailed description of the Small Jazz Ensembles, click here.

Applied Jazz Piano

Hone your piano skills in this two-semester sequence.

Jazz Harmony and Improvisation

Study jazz harmony and develop your melodic expression in all styles, from Swing to Contemporary Jazz.

Jazz Repertory and Performance Practices

Learn two complete sets of new tunes, in a variety of styles and genres, every semester and practice the skills necessary to function in a small combo and at jam sessions.

Jazz History

Experience the complete history of jazz from its infancy to the present with an emphasis on historical styles, innovative artists and the impact of jazz and its key artists on our society and culture.

Elective Courses

In addition to the core sequence classes listed above, we offer an extensive selection of diverse electives that will enhance your educational experience.

Jazz Composition
Jazz Arranging for Small Ensembles
Jazz Arranging for Large Ensembles
African Drumming
Music Notation and Software
Music Production: MIDI and Audio
Brazilian Rhythms Workshop
Musicianship Skills for Jazz Musicians
Rhythm Section Seminar
Jazz Drumming and Rhythm Techniques

Many opportunities are available for jazz instrumental majors to improve your accompanying skills playing in the rhythm section for Jazz Vocal Repertory, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Vocal Workshop, Blues Workshop and Studio Ensemble Singing.

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